Episode 25: Master of None – Season 2


Welcome to the 25th episode of The Leftover Popcorn Podcast! In this week’s episode we talk about the latest season of Netflix original series Master of None.

Leftover Popcorn is a weekly podcast dedicated to the world of moving pictures. Co-hosts Adam McGee (that’s me) and Andrew Snyder share a passion for everything, both weird and wonderful, from the world of television and cinema, and as such we’ll be discussing an eclectic mix of topics in the weeks and months to come.

The podcast itself is built with a very simple structure, with the hosting duties shared, each episode is built around a mixture of three or four regular segments. The segments rotate from week to week leaving discussion open to new releases in film and or TV, classics from both the big and small screen, broader discussions on influential figures and their work, previews of upcoming releases, and more.

Anyway, that’s enough of an overview, let’s move on to what we have in store for you this week.

Warning: This podcast contains spoilers!

Running Order:

Intro: 0:00 – 15:18
Master of None: 15:19 – 23:38
Master of None (with spoilers): 23:39 – 2:25:26
Wrap-Up: 2:25:27 – End

Before you dive in and start listening, let’s take a closer look at the subjects of this week’s main segments.

Master of None – Season 2 (2017) – Aziz Ansari, Alan Yang

Following up on the critically acclaimed first season which was released in 2015, Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang return with the latest entry in their Netflix Originals series Master of None.

Ansari plays a character who’s very much based on his own experiences and those around him, as he navigates his quest for love while dealing with many of the other issues that punctuate young adulthood and modern society as a whole.

Be sure to return next week when we’ll back to talk some more about the world of film and TV.

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